The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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What Happened Next

There are some very complicated people in this world, and Lucy Johnson is one of them. But she doesn’t know it, yet.
Having survived a shady past and a troubled childhood, she’s made it on her own in the city of Chicago.

Lucy is beyond beautiful. She's successful, financially independent, lives in a penthouse apartment overlooking the city, and has a designer wardrobe to die for. According to her boss and property guru, Robert Benson, Lucy is considered to be one the best luxury realtors in the state. But at thirty-seven years old, there is something lacking in her life: Love. She longs for intimacy, a gentle kiss, a romantic moment, a man’s touch.

One day, Lucy finds Mr. Right - his name is Max Worthington and he's her new co-worker at Benson Luxury Real Estate.
Their relationship quickly heats up and she is willing to do anything to keep him forever. Love turns into obsession.
Obsession turns into murder.

Old buried secrets come to the surface, everyone suspects each other, friends turn into enemies and homicide detectives are suspecting  one person. 

Is Lucy  Johnson a cold hearted killer or is someone setting her up out of spite and jealousy?

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