The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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Theater 4

"Here's your ticket. Your movie is in theater four. Enjoy."

That is what you would normally hear when you visit the cinemas, right? Well, not this time. Be careful when you go in, it may be the last movie you ever see!

Meet Isabelle, an eighteen-year-old who wants to escape from her troublesome life. She's rebellious and challenging at times. Her mother died when she was just a child and her father soon remarried. Isabelle clashes with her stepmother Evelyn, and she can't stand her little stepbrother Jason. 

On one cold and rainy day, Isabelle is ordered to take her stepbrother to the movies. Isabelle doesn't want to go, but she has no choice but to take him. But all of her worries will soon disappear. After settling into her seat she falls asleep. When Isabelle wakes up she is shocked to find herself completely alone. It's just her and the white screen. Emptied soda cans and popcorn are scattered everywhere. Where is everybody? She's alone in America's largest mall. A dark, evil supernatural force is at play and all doors have been sealed shut. Communication to the outside world is impossible and she's running out of time. Will Isabelle find her stepbrother and escape this nightmare?