The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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The Adventures of Max and Oscar: Curse of the Halloween Zombie!

Max is a normal ten year old boy who lives with his beloved dog Oscar, and his parents, in Salem. Tonight's a special night because everyone is celebrating Halloween! It’s a night of spooks, candy and fun mischief. Max and Oscar are ready to go trick or treating and they meet up with their best friends, Billy and Fred. However, upon meeting them, Max and Oscar run into Rod, the school bully! Rod's been stealing candy from everyone all night.

Rod tells them the legend of the cursed Zombie that rises every Halloween night.  It's an old folklore that's been around for hundreds of years. Max and Oscar head to the Salem Cemetery to prove to Rod that Zombies aren't real. But things soon change when something does rise from the grave! Is Max and Oscar up for the challenge and can they save Halloween before it’s too late?

It's a story filled with humor, candy, action and adventure! And also a very clumsy Zombie!

coming soon 2018