The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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Presenting the Garcia Sisters  (R)

They're strange, quirky and out of their minds!

ALLISON (left) is a published author of two novels titled "Nothing North" and "All the Owls Cry". Allison's work has appeared in the media both nationally and internationally. She has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, and front covers. Her second novel reached the top ten best-recommended thrillers on Amazon. When Allison (or Ally) is not writing, she enjoys chilling with her faithful Dachshund, Fifi.

SAMANTHA (right) comes from a very creative background. She studied Multimedia and continued her education in Advanced Programming. But it doesn't end there, she went on to study at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and earned a Computer Game Development (Animation) Diploma. Samantha (or Sammy) loves writing and creating stories to keep you up all night! She is also a technical analyst for the financial market.