The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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Follow the Owl

There's an old legend, a tale, a folklore, about a dark forest that's filled with magical, scary stories. The forest is dark and full of mystery. Each tree is tall, ancient and filled with wonder, and it awaits you, the reader, to read each book that hangs on its branches. The owl knows the woods like the back of its feathers. It knows all the good, bad and downright frightening things that occur within the forest. Therefore, we advise you that if you are tempted to read the books, it is best to follow the owl, he will guide you to safety. Don't listen to the whispers and don't chase shadows, just read your chosen books and keep moving!

Welcome to THE NIGHT OWL CHRONICLES. If you don't follow the owl, watch your back! Because you never know who's watching you when you close your book. It's been said that the forest is haunted with dangerous creatures that hunt people at night, and the forest seems to come alive. No one knows what to call the owl, he seems to have no name, but he is the protector of all who enter the dark forest to read the books created by the GARCIA SISTERS. Under the full silver moon, the wise owl will sit with you and protect you as you quietly read your book, and he is the only one that will lead you out of the forest. The black fog may blind your path, the trees may trip you, and you may hear someone calling out your name to distract you, but never fear. Listen to the hoot of the owl, keep your eyes on him and try to keep up. Who knew reading was such a fright.