The Night
   Owl Chronicles (R) 

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16th, April 2018.

We were completely surprised yesterday when our parents gave us each this wonderful gift. We were overwhelmed with deep emotions, and we were reminded how far we had come along. When T.N.O.C was just an idea, our parents always believed in us. They always supported and encouraged us when things were tough and when things just didn't work out.

When we started T.N.O.C, people that we knew turned their backs on us. Some people showed us their true colours, but we didn't let that stop us. In fact, it gave us fuel to keep going.

Our advice to anybody who is chasing a dream or building an empire is to always surround yourself with people that believe in you. But if you have nobody to support you, believe in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself, you can have whatever you like. 

Thank you Mum and Dad for always believing.

Allison and Samantha.

Garcia Sisters.

10th, April 2018.

What does Isabelle see outside the mall? Her half-brother is missing, and she attempts to escape the empty mall. But when she tries to escape, she learns that being trapped inside the mall isn’t such a bad thing. Something is lurking outside.

“What is that?” I asked myself. I couldn’t make out what it was, but it looked as

though there were many dark silhouettes that suddenly emerged from the ground. They were

travelling fast across the parking lot; some were roaming between the cars, and others seemed

to float above them. They appeared blurry, thin, and with long limbs.

“What the hell is that?” Officer Walker asked. We all stepped away from the glass

window. It wasn’t safe to be so close.

26th, March 2018.
If you want to know a writer, and if you want to truly understand a writer - read their books. With our books, you will truly see how we think, how we create fear, and how the stories develop. A book is not just a book. A story doesn't just write itself. There is a lot of frustration, love, and work put into writing a book. But it all comes down to imagination, and the love for writing.
There is always some hidden truth to every book. A writer will always expose their raw self in some way.

19th, March 2018.

An illustration of Isabelle Humphrey. Samantha did a quick illustration on what the protagonist would look like on paper. This scene is when Isabelle falls asleep in the cinema. When she wakes up, everybody is missing including Jason, her half-brother. While Samantha was drawing, Allison was busy writing her chapter for Flight of no Return.  

12th, March 2018

Who is Isabelle Humphrey? In Cinema 4, book 2, we meet the protagonist Isabelle Humphrey. She hates her stepmother, Evelyn, and she resents her half-brother, Jason. She smokes and drinks whilst trying to survive her senior year. She hates life, and she hates her father for re-marrying. She’s the sort of character that you will hate but grow to love. One day her half-brother goes missing. Isabelle’s world gets turned upside down.

Her rebellious attitude soon diminishes when everything is at stake. A dark force is at play hunting Isabelle and Jason. Her only worry now is to find Jason and survive. Isabelle who hated her half-brother grows to love him, and she also realizes how precious life is.

5th, March 2018

Creating our world is all thanks to Photoshop. A lot of our artistic photos are manipulated using Photoshop. This photo contains 6 images that have been composited together. Our crown is made from twigs and branches to form our logo. To create the crown we used the puppet warp tool to form the shape of the owl. Then we used curves and hue / saturation to get the color right. The background is simply a concrete shot in the backyard. We love to express the world of The Night Owl Chronicles using photos and manipulating them through Photoshop. This shot represents fantasy, two minds coming together, and mystery. Our world is strange and weird. Welcome to The Night Owl Chronicles.   

26th, February 2018.

Follow the Owl. So who is this Owl that lurks in the dark shadows? Under the silver moon, the Owl protects you as you read your chosen book. He keeps the monsters and ghost away, as long as you follow him. The Night Owl Chronicles book series are hidden deep within the forbidden forest. Ghost and monsters prey on anybody who enters. But the Owl will protect you as you read your chosen book. He will guide through the forest, and lead you to your next book. The haunted forest will try to distract you. Make sure your lantern is always burning, because if the fire burns out you will never make it through the night.

19th, February 2018.
Putting it all together. Many readers have asked us how do we write? Do we write together? Or separately? The answer is - no. We don't write together, but we do a lot of planning together. Every chapter is planned out carefully including character profiles. We always do this before we even start to write the manuscript. We write our designated chapters on our own, and then we put all the chapters together to complete the manuscript. It is important for us to know how the story will begin and end. This is how we avoid 'writers block'. We do so much planning that we know what the next five books in the series will be about. Once the idea is on paper then the writing becomes easy. The story writes itself. The main drive of why we write scary stories is to entertain our readers.
8th, February 2018.

What is the connection between The Door and Cinema 4? In The Door, Josh Riley meets a troubled teenager named Isabelle Humphrey. Her annoying stepmother causes her to rebel. Josh has two encounters with Isabelle, and she happens to be his neighbor. Even though Josh is experiencing strange knocking in the middle of the night, Isabelle finds herself completely alone in the cinema. Everybody is gone. It all begins in Cinema 4, and ends in Cinema 4.

12th, January 2018.
 Thanks to Family Guy we have been transformed into cartoons. Sometimes it's good to take a break from writing and head down to The Drunken Clam.
Let's have a glass of Pawtucket Patriot.
9th, January 2018.
Wow 2017 was a great year. We published our first book titled The Door with much success. Not only did we release our first book in the series, but we also launched The Door at Melbourne Writers Festival on the 26th of August.
So what can you expect for 2018?
Our second book titled Cinema 4 is finished, and we are currently working on our third book titled Flight of no Return. We also have a children's picture book in the works and lots more.
The world of The Night Owl Chronicles is just getting started!